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Skywalker Travel Teams

Welcome to Skywalker.  Our programs consist of a travel team program that will compete at multiday tournaments.  We also provide individual lessons for skill training, summer camps and clinics.

The travel team programs will be comprised of 11 athletes per team and will compete in 7 tournaments a season.  The season runs from December thru April with the option of continuing competition in May and competing at Nationals (USAV/AAU) in June.  The teams will train 2-3 times a week and will have 2 hour practices. 

Our Team Program - is a National Team Program.

Our National Team program is made up of more multi-day tournaments.  The difference is that those tournaments may be over 2-3 days or even some may be over a 4 day weekend.

We encourage those teams to experience an overnight tournament just for the experience of a larger volleyball tournament.


Tryouts will be held on a Sunday and makeups will be held on Monday.  Teams will be selected and notified on Tuesday and deposits have to be made on Wednesday before 9pm to accept their position on their respective teams. 

Once teams have been picked, coaches will finalize a team schedule on Wednesday and Thursday evening will be a team/parents meeting to go over the schedule.

That weekend, the directors will make any adjustment to the tournaments and hotel reservations and upload everything onto the website.

Playing up in age???

Our executive director Greg Walker, does not encourage athletes to "play-up" in age.  An example, is a true 14 playing up on a 16's team.  The only reason for that is there is a misconception that they will have a higher level of experience.  The reality is, our club will compete in large tournaments where we will see teams from out of our region that are extremely competitive.  We want to be really skilled in our age groups so that our teams become more competitively nationally.  

On the recruiting side of things, it is much better to see a very skilled true 15's.  Rather than playing up, then college coaches think that they are average 16s and overlooking them for their age and talent.  We have heard a lot of 17's playing up in 18's which somewhat can be negative, as coaches that are looking at the 17's teams may over look the athlete playing on the 18s.  We just want to be open about how this can impact the athlete either way.

Bottom line is that we as a club will address the needs of our athletes based on situation, but as a whole, we do encourage our athletes to play in their true age.  However, we understand that sometimes with families and schedules that it may work out better to play in a different age group.

During the 2018 club season, our 15's team dominated the region as they stayed true to their age - earning our club's first ever Bid to the National Championships in June.

2019 Beach Volleyball

We wanted to add a summer program that will help athletes with their ball control and increasing their volleyball IQ on what they see and how they can react faster on the court.  Our first season will start June 2019 and will train through July 2019.

This is relatively a great way to stay with volleyball for the summer months and allows for the athletes to compete wherever they want for the summer and to play in as many or as few tournaments as possible to stay competitive.

Consider Skywalker Volleyball to continue your training for the summer leading into school tryouts!


Private lessons are available upon request.  Prices for lessons vary.  Please email: for private lesson inquiry.  Even if you are not a member of the club, you can still request private lessons to better your skill set with a private coach.


We can come to your school!  We offer 4-day summer camps that are morning and afternoon sessions.  We currently do satellite camps all over the country for some of the top high schools in the nation.  We are able to work with the coaches and the athletes and help them be better with systems and teach them more efficient ways of playing the sport of volleyball.  We send our training equipment and coaches to you.  Please email for inquiry on camps.


We will offer different skill clinics throughout the year.  These clinics will be announced through email blast and will also be posted online.  You must register and pay online to reserve your spot.