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Executive Director

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    Skywalker Elite Volleyball Training

    Our club goal is to create an environment that your athlete will thrive in.  We want to produce the best training in this region in New England.  We believe that our training education starts from the top and that as we encourage our coaches to be better at their craft, we in turn - will be able to provide a better service in training and team building for your athlete.

    In terms of teams, we want to field the most competitive teams in the region.  We believe that with building a competitive program that it will provide better experiences for the athletes as well as families in our club.​

    We also want to give back to the local community.  Community service will be a priority for our club and our staff constantly will look for opportunities to give back with physical service work, free clinics and to work with local schools to grow the game at a higher level in Connecticut.

    Greg Walker

    Executive Director

    Phone: 4752254329

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